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Amazon Affiliates: Mom Life With P is a participant in the Amazon Affiliates Program. This program provides blogs, like myself, with a percentage compensation for advertising Amazon.com and for linking to Amazon.com products when I suggest them in a post.

Having an Amazon.com link does not persuade me to like a product more just to share it in a post. If you see an Amazon.com affiliate link, it is because I TRULY love the product and want to share it with you. The bonus for me is that I can make a small commission off of what you may already buy on your own. This commission does not cost the consumer any extra cost.

All opinions stated remain my own. I will note these product with a tag that it is an “affiliate link”.

Amazon, as a third party, also uses cookies to track their advertising on my site and their links. You are welcome to read more about the Amazon Affiliates program in their Operating Agreement.