Sometimes being a mom is so overwhelming and we don’t know where to turn for help. Below are some resources that might get you started in the right direction. If you’re still stuck, contact us and we can help you determine what your next steps might be.

Support Groups

Postpartum Support International

PSI’S mission is to increase awareness among public and professional communities about the emotional changes that women experience during pregnancy and postpartum. They offer FREE support through various online groups such as moms who have experienced birth trauma, NICU parents, Black moms, special needs parents, moms of 1-3 year olds, and more.

Mocha Moms

Mocha Moms is a support group for mothers of color who work full time, part-time and those who stay at home. They offer parenting workshops, fitness challenges, story times, moms night in/out events and more around Metro Atlanta.

Atlanta Birth Center

Atlanta Birth Center is an organization that provides a safe alternative to hospital birth. They have multiple online support groups for pregnant mamas as well as those in the postpartum period.

Northside Hospital

Support groups range from lactation support, perinatal bereavement, and making the most of motherhood at locations around the metro Atlanta area.

The Supported Mama

Hannah Murfet and Ashley Demmitt are sisters (in-law) who joined forces to hold space for women and families as they navigate the birth and postpartum experience. Yes, it takes a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to raise a mother. They offer counseling for moms in the postpartum period as well as a postpartum support group in Peachtree City, Georgia.


Push Thru Mom

Atlanta therapist Keisha Reaves, LPC, PMH-C hosts this space for moms to learn how to navigate the struggles of motherhood.

The Happiness Lab

The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos will take you through the latest scientific research and share some surprising and inspiring stories that will change the way you think about happiness.

Good Inside

Dr. Becky Kennedy clinical psychologist and mom of three combines everything she knows about attachment, mindfulness, emotion regulation, and internal family systems theory, and translated those ideas into a new method for working with parents.

Fluster Clux 

Lynn Lyons hosts this podcast offering authentic, compassionate straight talk for parents to connect, reflect, and feel prepared to support their family’s mental health (specifically kids’ anxiety) with the stresses of our new normal.

Miscarriage Hope Desk

Mom Laura Bauder shares her own story after the birth of her rainbow baby. Her podcast includes interviews with real women who have walked the path of recurrent miscarriages. She also interviews top doctors, therapists and other experts in the field of recurring pregnancy loss.  

No One Is Coming To Save Us

Reporter Gloria Riviera talks to people on the front lines who are pushing society forward — from reproductive justice to child care — and shows you how to be a part of the movement to make change happen. No one is coming to save us, so let’s save ourselves.

The Birth Journey Podcast

Labor and delivery nurse Kelly Hoff shares powerful journeys of birth givers with the goals of lifting the veil on the birth experience, healing through sharing, and beginning an open conversation to strengthen trust and promote transparency between birthing people and health care providers.

From Days To Years

From days to years is is an open letter from moms to moms- sharing their successes and seemingly failures.


The Life With Baby Workbook

Written by Amy Tucker, postpartum doula and Erin Fassnacht, LCSW. This workbook provides information and concrete tools to create a healthy postpartum transition time, and build a strong foundation to take care of yourself through all of parenthood. 

Heal Your Birth Story

Psychologist and birth trauma expert Maureen Campion shares her lessons for releasing the unexpected wounds that come from having a rough birth experience. Birth can be beautiful and spiritual and joyous but there are also terrifying, emotionally raw, painful moments that can be difficult to move past. This book offers you a chance to experience the healing power of working through your birth story.

Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts

Author Karen Kleiman and founder of The Postpartum Stress Center comes to the aid of new mothers everywhere with a groundbreaking new source of hope, compassion, and expert help. This book is packed with guidance, simple exercises, and nearly 50 stigma-busting cartoons that help new moms validate their feelings, share their fears, and start feeling better. 

This Isn’t What I Expected

Karen Kleiman and Valerie Davis Raskin, MD wrote this definitive guide offering compassionate support and solid advice on dealing with every aspect of postpartum depression.

What About Us?

Karen Kleiman shares this guidebook of short essays, comics, and quick journal prompts about the stressful newborn stage, the struggles that so many new parents face, and the skills you need to tap into your strength as a couple.

Unexpecting: Real Talk On Pregnancy Loss

Bereaved mom Rachel Lewis is the friend you never knew you’d need, walking you through the unique grief of baby loss. When nothing about life after loss makes sense, this book will.

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