Here’s Why Asking For Help Is So Hard For Moms

Why is it that every self-help article or book for moms reminds us that we have to ask for help yet moms still don’t do it?

For one thing, we all have this mentality that we should be super mom and that we have to do it all. Or at least I do anyway. Maybe that just comes from my competitive nature and the desire to be the best at everything.

I’m working on not comparing myself to others, but that’s hard to do! Especially when sometimes it feels like everyone else around me is happy and I’m not.

To make matters worse, moms are constantly being bombarded with more things to-do.

My To-do List On A Typical Day

“Mom I need more clean underwear! “

Suddenly I remember that I forgot to do that load of laundry before I ran out the door to carpool. Now I set out to move the huge pile of dirty clothes to the basement laundry room, sort it, remember to switch the clean clothes from the wash to the dryer, fold them or at least sort by person, then I can put some underwear in my son’s drawer.

As I’m going through the clean clothes I remember that my 8 year old has had yet another growth spurt and none of his pants from last year fit anymore. I make a mental note to shop online later and order him some more pants. Then I remember that the pants I ordered online last week from brands he usually wears were long enough but too loose in the waist. Maybe I can find some on Ama….I think as my thoughts are interrupted by my youngest son.

laundry piling up because the mom doesn't want to ask for help

“Mom, what are we having for dinner?”

Oh yeah, I’m getting to that, as soon as I finish the laundry. Crap I forgot about the dishes in the sink. As I’m going to the sink I remember that when I did the grocery pick up order this week they were out of low carb tortillas, so I have to run out to the store if we want to have taco night. I didn’t defrost any other meat and it’s 5:30, so that’s our only option.

Husband: “You know we could just get take out. That would be a lot easier.”

But we’ve eaten take out the past 2 nights and I know that’s not good for us. We were just at the pediatrician’s office last week and I had to fudge on my answer when the nurse asked how often we eat fast food per week. Plus it costs a lot of money. And if we want to stay within our budget this month we can’t eat out every single night!

mom on computer with kids climbing on her with text Here's Why Asking For Help Is So Hard For Moms

This is the constant battle moms have to face.

Figuring out how to do what’s best for our kids, but at the same time finding the best work/life balance. Which is another added stressor for many of us moms.

We’re constantly asking ourselves:

  • Do I go back to work full time or do I continue being a stay at home mom?
  • Do I take on more hours at work so we can be in a better situation with our finances?
  • Or do I continue working part-time so that I can be there more for my kids?
  • Maybe I should pick up a “side hustle” so that we can save even more. Plus my friend’s always asking me to join her business selling stuff. Then I could get it for free! (Ahem I’ve tried this one a few times!)

Another reason that we don’t ask for help is that we don’t see other moms doing it very often.

How many times have you seen a friend struggling and said, “let me know if you need anything” only to realize 6 months later that you never heard from them? Then you find out they were struggling a lot of that time and they didn’t reach out. They figured out how to make it through it themselves, or maybe they just didn’t want to ask for help.

Mom who is pretending to be brave and strong like a superhero.

Why is that? It’s not easy to admit that you can’t do everything it takes to be a mom on your own. We all want to show that we’re strong. Or we want to BE strong. We don’t want to admit defeat. Plus we know deep down that all the pressure we’re under is worth having kids. And we know that it’s not going to last forever.

There’s also the mentality for some that all of these things are our jobs as moms. So if we complain or ask for help we sound ungrateful. I personally also don’t really like burdening my friends or family with my problems. I feel like most of the time I created them, so why should I need help solving them?

Or maybe moms don’t like to ask for help because we’re ashamed. If we ask for help then we often have to explain why we need it. Then we wonder if we’re sharing too much about our personal life. This is probably more related to my own social anxiety than anything, but I do think more people struggle with social anxiety than not. Or at least a lot of the moms that I know do.

I know I will survive!

I’m pretty lucky to have some great friends and family who are willing to drop everything and do what they can to help me when I ask.  It’s not always convenient for them, but they will help anyway. They’d rather inconvenience themselves than see me suffer, because that’s what people who truly care about you will do!

I just have to actually ask. Otherwise, they won’t even know that I need help. Most of the time they’re either too busy or too distracted with their own lives. Plus, I do a pretty good job of hiding it when I’m struggling.

So, moms, I encourage you to get past your fears, your embarrassment, and your pride. Talk to your friends and family if you’re struggling. Ask for help. Find a therapist or call your doctor. You don’t have to suffer in silence. There is so much more to life than that! Sometimes all it takes is one call to help you get back on your feet.

If you know a mom who might need to hear this, be sure to share it with her! Sharing is caring!

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8 thoughts on “Here’s Why Asking For Help Is So Hard For Moms

  1. “but I do think more people struggle with social anxiety than not.” … YES. And when we try to hide it we feel like we just make it worse… which keeps us up at night. Love this post so much. Well said.

  2. Love this post! This is sooo true, and I always feel like, whenever I do leave my baby a few moments to do something, that I am burdening them with my baby… anyone else?
    and I am struggling to find a job, and things are just so stressful.

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