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This Too Shall Pass

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This too shall pass. This too shall pass.





I’m trying to convince myself of this, but it’s hard because we don’t know how long it will really be.

I’m trying to stay positive and put on a happy face for my kids. But honestly, I’m struggling. This is hard. And there are moments that I need to just cry.

This post really isn’t going to be anything profound and may not be that helpful. But there may be someone who needs to hear this.

Most of us are now involuntarily homeschooling our kids. And when they are at home, they just want to play. They just want to watch tv and play video games.

After my first week on the job as my kids’ teacher I felt like a failure. It was like pulling teeth just to get them to do the bare minimum.

One day I told my son I was sorry that I got so frustrated and told him that I’m just not used to being a teacher. He said, “Yeah. And we’re not used to doing so much work at home either.”

I realized that it’s not just me feeling the struggle. This is new for all of us and there’s no handbook.

I’ve seen all those color-coded schedules floating around social media. They are great in theory, but they’re not for me. I need to stop trying so hard to be the perfect teacher and focus on what I know.

What I know is that my kids need me to keep getting up every day and showing up. If we don’t get through all the required work that’s ok. The teachers have even said they know they’re giving us a lot and they don’t expect us to get it all done.

Focusing On The Positive

I’m trying to find something positive to focus on every day. A few weeks ago it was raining a lot, but now the weather is nice. We’re getting outside more and enjoying the fresh air.

Today we made a chalk mosaic on our driveway. For just a moment, I forgot about the coronavirus. For a brief moment, it felt like any other day.

We’ve done some video chats with friends and family this week and that helps get me through the days too. It helps to stay connected.

There have been moments over the past week where I’ve felt lonely and hopeless, but then I remember that this too shall pass. Those moments will pass and this virus will pass eventually too.

What is helping you get through your days? Share in the comments what you’re doing. Maybe it will help someone else!


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  1. It shall pass Patrice! I’ve found that the kids won’t sit down to study like I imagine they should. Instead I’ve had to incorporate learning differently, more fun ways. Like playing Pocket Money board game for maths, reading out about the sentences on Nintendo, crafts and arts, just incorporating learning with daily activities.
    You can do this! Deep breaths and start again. Trial and error.

    1. Thank you! I was trying really hard to get the assignments done that the teachers were sending out but I highly doubt they are going to fail my kids if they don’t have proof the did them. You’re right! We have to take it one day at a time

      1. Exactly. I just wonder if we don’t go back to school this year, does everyone pass or do they all repeat the same grade?!? It’s going to be a mess

  2. For sure having nice weather makes a difference! Being stuck in all day is maddening, but fresh air and sunshine makes everything feel better and more free.

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