Self Care For Busy Moms- My Top 8 Tips

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Engaging in self care for busy moms can be so hard.  Moms forget that they have to make sure they’re getting enough oxygen- enough food, sleep and love themselves before they can adequately provide these things for their kids.

I struggle with this myself, but one thing that has helped me is to make a list of activities that are instant mood lifters. That way when I do have time to myself I don’t end up wasting it trying to figure out what to do. Or by doing chores around the house instead of taking time to relax.

When I was a child therapist I often told the parents of my clients that they had to take care of themselves before they could take good care of their children. I used the metaphor of the oxygen mask- when you fly on an airplane they tell you during the safety announcement that if you’re traveling with small children you should put on your own oxygen mask and then help your children put theirs on.

Here are a few of my favorite self care tips for busy moms:

1. Exercise. I love to run and always feel better after I do. Running increases the endorphins that boost seratonin in your brain. Seratonin is known as the “don’t worry be happy” neurotransmitter. Sometimes exercise can even be more effective than medication at increasing seratonin levels. If I don’t feel like running, I still put my running shoes on and go for a walk. running is one to get self care for busy moms

2. Write in a journal. Writing can be very therapeutic for me, which is a big part of why I enjoy blogging. When I journal, I try to just write whatever comes to my mind and not to worry about if it even makes sense. My journaling is for me and not for anyone else to read. This can be a really powerful self care tool for moms who feel isolated much of the time.

3. Engage in a few minutes of deep breathing. Our brains need oxygen to function properly. Most of us don’t get enough oxygen to keep stress at bay by the breath that we take day to day. There are some great relaxation apps out there, but my current favorite is the Breathe app on my Apple Watch. It guides me through a deep breathing exercise for one minute, vibrating when I should exhale. The best part is that my watch reminds me to do the exercise every day so I can’t forget.

4. Yoga. Yoga has numerous health benefits, but the biggest one for me is it’s ability to make me unplug from technology and focus on my breathing. I really enjoy taking a yoga class at my gym that is an hour long as sometimes it takes me a while to clear my head. The instructor has a very soothing voice. She uses guided meditation along with relaxing music to help you center and ground yourself. yoga is a good way to engage in self care for busy moms

5. Get some vitamin D. Our bodies need vitamin D to produce that happy chemical seratonin that I mentioned above. Low levels of vitamin D have been linked to Seasonal Affective Disorder, a mood disorder featuring depressive symptoms that occurs during the dark times of the year where there is little sunshine. We can get vitamin D naturally though sunlight, but for most people that’s not enough. I take vitamin D at least October- March, but recently have been taking it year round.

6. Read a book. There’s nothing like a great book to take you away to another place for a while. I check out books digitally for free from my local library using an app called Libby. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin is a great book that also helps you see how small changes can make a big difference on your outlook of life and lead to a better version of you.  a girl reading a book- a good way to engage in self care for busy moms

7. Try Aromatherapy. I love to take a warm bath with lavender oil or yummy smelling candles burning. Cedar wood is another essential oil that helps me relax. I put it on my forearms and take some deep breaths until I start to feel calm.

candles are a great way to engage in self care for busy moms

8. Seek professional help. As a former therapist, I am a big proponent of seeking therapy when you need it. Unfortunately there is a stigma surrounding mental health and too many people suffer in silence. A mental health therapist can be a good resource for helping you talk through challenging seasons in your life. They can also keep you accountable to make sure you are engaging in self care. Read my post May The Force Be With You, to see how I’ve dealt with my own depression and anxiety.

These are some of my top choices for self care that help me make sure I’m getting enough oxygen. I’m always working on growing this list. Share your favorite self-care tips for busy moms in the comments.



  1. Thanks for your ideas! Reading a book is my go-to relaxing activity, but I’d like to try doing more yoga. Thanks for the post!

    1. I feel you. It’s so hard to not feel guilty, but we have to take care of ourselves so we can return to our kids more refreshed. Oh I love pedicures too. I need to schedule one!

  2. In a world of stress and busy lives, it’s important to talk about self care. We need to have “me time”, we need to take care of ourselves, to simply life, to live better. Thank you for raising the issue and thanks for the brilliant reminder.

  3. this is such an important post and so well written – i love the way you approached the topic and the tips you included! x

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